People Saving Dogs

Dogs Saving People

We pair rescue dogs with Survivors of sexual assault and military sexual trauma (MST) who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and facilitate the training to transform them into Service Dogs.

Our Mission

We are a Maine 501(c)(3) that funds adoption and training costs for Service Dogs and Survivors. This includes spaying/neutering. We match the appropriate dog with their Survivor and place the team in a 20-week training program together. This training transforms the dogs from ordinary, rescue dogs into highly trained, "medical equipment," offering both Survivors and their Service Dogs a new lease on life.


Class Stats at a Glance

10 Teams

Have completed the Service Dog Strong 20-Week training course
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Become a Survivor

with confidence.

Co-founded by Survivors, our team believes in the healing power of animals and the strength of connection between dogs and their humans.

Victims of sexual violence sometimes have difficulty connecting with other people, and post-traumatic stress can pull them into a world of isolation. Rescue dogs often need extra time and understanding to adjust to their forever homes. Together, victim and rescue dog become Survivor and Service Dog learning to navigate the world with confidence again.

Service Dog Strong is very committed to adopting rescue dogs for our program. Every dog we adopt creates space to save another dog.

Class of 2021